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The 16th CACLP Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo will be held from 17th-20th March, 2019 at the Nanchang International Exhibition Center in Jiangxi, China. CACLP was established in 1949. CACLP - Clinical Lab Expo is the China's highest quality and largest annual event in clinical testing. Each year in March in different cities in China touring.

CACLP Clinical Lab Expo is a very important international academic conference and clinical examination medical equipment exposition in the field of clinical examination worldwide. With more than 823 exhibitors at more than 2,023 booths each year, the CACLP - Clinical Lab Expo annually exhibits a large number of the latest world-class clinical laboratory testing technology equipment and in vitro diagnostic products. The CACLP Clinical Lab Expo has great international influence and attracts more than 21,300 professionals from 33 countries. 80% of the audience are leaders and decision makers who have the right to purchase. The CACLP Clinical Lab Expo is currently the most important equipment exposition in the field of clinical testing worldwide. The CACLP Clinical Lab Expo has become the main venue and communication platform for the launch of new products in the field of clinical testing and seeking cooperation. CACLP will definitely meet your professional needs and find your target customers.

China's IVD industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industry has a large growth space. It is expected to keep the overall trend in the future. The data show that in 2015, the market size of China's external diagnosis (IVD) market is about 36.3 billion RMB, and the growth rate of the industry reached 30%; It's expected to 2019,the scale of China's IVD market exceeded 72 billion RMB in 2005. The in vitro diagnostic industry is characterized by frequent technological innovation, diversified varieties and high quality requirements.As China itself is a developing country, R & D compare to other relative developed countries is lag behind, and there is a huge demand for overseas high-end products, it is precisely this opportunity for international industries to share the cake in a timely manner.

Unit: 100 million RMB
Data: Growth trend of IVD Market in China

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